Cell Segmentation & Abnormality Risk Estimation

The Challenge: Manufacturer of leading FISH imaging platform required robust nuclei segmentation and abnormality risk estimation modules for their integrated software Tightly clumped and overlapping cells Precise interpretation is necessary to overcome ambiguity, avoid false positives, and detect all rare events Our Approach: Customized our state-of-the-art deep learning based segmentation technology for client dataset image …

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Surgical Stages Recognition

The Challenge: Industry leader desired to automate surgical stages recognition to drive efficiencies in growing analytics pipeline Our Approach: Performed deep literature review, providing client with fully updated map of technologies Implemented solution, selected to achieve best results in minimal development time Adapted solution to multiple types of surgery Results: Achieved state of the art …

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CT Segmentation

Separate any joint including tough edge cases Support noisy images, metal artifact, cone-beam Detect osteophytes Proven on clinical patients data Accuracy at level of scan resolution or better