Computer Vision News - March 2021

26 Women in Computer Vision researcher, a brilliant researcher. He really gives you the feeling that there is something interesting in the math you are dealing with. He is giving you his own passion. I have another quote for you. It’s from the CV of a student of yours, Islem Rekik. She says, “The requisites of knowledge: a quick mind, zeal for learning, humility, foreign land, a professor’s inspiration, and a life of long span.” I suspect that when she says “a professor’s inspiration” she’s thinking of you. Who would be the professor’s inspiration for you? My PhD advisor really inspired me. Later on, I had the chance to work with Stéphane Mallat. He also is an incredible person - fascinating, passionate, trying to engage himself and his team in a project he really believes in. He completely trusts you. This is another person who I really, really enjoy working with. Stéphanie, I know you for only a few minutes, but I am struck by how many times you used the word “passion”. You are not only a scientific person: