Computer Vision News - March 2021

Editorial 2 Dear reader, We are still very excited from the massive turnout at our latest Meetup. Many of our readers followed Julia Schnabel ’s fascinating talk about: Machine learning in medical imaging - from image acquisition to interpretation . If you missed it, you can find the full video in this magazine on page 38. It is a sad fact that the community has not been able to meet in person for one year. This gives our company an even bigger responsibility to be a practical and genuine voice for all. RSIP Vision keeps organizing virtual meetups (webinars) and publishing Computer Vision News every month. This magazine have been for 5 years now a constant vehicle of communication for the AI community in all its facets. We are proud of doing this at the moment our community needs it the most! The quality of this month’s vintage is quite special, and you are going to read a multitude of new stories: from an awesome research about autism diagnostic by MRI, to the review of a great open-source image processing program called ImageJ . And many more! Of course, take us along for your next Deep Learning project! Computer Vision News Editor: Ralph Anzarouth Engineering Editors: Marica Muffoletto Ioannis Valasakis Head Designer: Rotem Sahar Publisher: RSIP Vision Contact us Free subscription Read previous magazines Copyright: RSIP Vision All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction is strictly forbidden. Follow us: Ralph Anzarouth Editor, Computer Vision News Marketing Manager , RSIP Vision