Computer Vision News - July 2020

65 Qualcomm Qualcomm invite us to learn more about: • Their research in AI Model Efficiency o Get started with the brand-new open sourced toolkit (AIMET) o Come and interact with the model efficiency team directly • Qualcomm’s many accepted CVPR papers • Computer Vision research and the Deep Face Depth Super resolution • Career opportunities inMachine Learning at Qualcommandmuchmore SuperAnnotate They want us to know that SuperAnnotate is the fastest annotation platform for training AI, streamliningworkflows betweenML engineers and annotation teams. They’re announcing their partnership with OpenCV, the leading open- source computer vision platform, to significantly improve the annotation process and toolset around computer vision. As part of the new partnership, SuperAnnotate will join OpenCV’s membership program and make its annotation canvas available for data scientists to use in their projects, further integrating the canvas as an available component of the OpenCV project. EXPO EXPO Best of CVPR 2020 Voices from the CVPR Expo