Computer Vision News - December 2020

Editorial 2 Dear reader, You will read on the pages that follow our review of a great research paper by Google scientists: RL-CycleGAN . Further on, this December issue of Computer Vision News includes the 2 nd part of our BEST OF MICCAI 2020 selection, reviewing top papers from the conference. If youmissed part 1, it is here! We conclude with top articles about AI in Ultrasound : major researchers from academy and industry tell us about current state-of-the- art. Finally, don’t miss on page 51 the invitations to RSIP Vision ’s upcoming Meetup and Webinar. Register for free now! Call RSIP Vision for your next Deep Learning project. LinkBio just did - read what they think about it, below :) Enjoy the reading and subscribe for free ! Computer Vision News Editor: Ralph Anzarouth Engineering Editors: Marica Muffoletto Ioannis Valasakis Head Designer: Rotem Sahar Publisher: RSIP Vision Contact us Free subscription Read previous magazines Copyright: RSIP Vision All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction is strictly forbidden. Ralph Anzarouth Editor, Computer Vision News Marketing Manager, RSIP Vision Riccardo Signoretti, Vice President, Digital Surgery Platform LinkBio Inc - Part of Waldemar Link GmbH & Co. KG Feedback of the Month Looking for innovative technologies to enhance our Digital Surgery Platform, we found RSIP Vision's algorithmic solutions to be robust, clinically accurate, and quick. Together with an expert and responsive team, they offer a unique solution!