Computer Vision News - September 2019

Welcome Dear reader, Welcome to the September 2019 issue of Computer Vision News. You will find in it our regular sections, as well as special articles about AI projects at RSIP Vision. We'd like to tell our new readers (we add hundreds every month) and remind our regular ones that RSIP Vision is much more than the editor of this magazine. It is also an international company pioneering R&D work in computer vision and deep learning. If you want your company to have a larger AI team and bring about more powerful AI innovations, call us and we will help you achieve your goals. Our VP of R&D Moshe Safran has just relocated to lead our office in San Jose, in the heart of the Bay Area. Ron Soferman, Founder and CEO of RSIP Vision, says: "The new office will allow very close collaboration from the planning phase to the practical application by the surgeon in the operating room. Moshe's leadership and the added value brought by RSIP Vision's methodology for the medical device industry is a major benefit for its clients". "This is a great opportunity to increase our presence in the SiliconValley andcollaboratewithhealthcare companies that need additional AI and computer vision support," Moshe says. "It's always exciting to take part in something that will disrupt the industry". Enjoy the reading and, as always, take us along on your next deep learning project! Computer Vision News Editor: Ralph Anzarouth Engineering Editor: Amnon Geifman Head Designer: Rotem Sahar Publisher: RSIP Vision Contact us Give us feedback Free subscription Read previous magazines Copyright: RSIP Vision All rightsreserved Unauthorized reproduction is strictly forbidden. Follow us: Ralph Anzarouth Editor, Computer Vision News Marketing Manager, RSIP Vision 3