Computer Vision News - March 2019

Chip Huyen works as a deep learning engineer with the Artificial Intelligence Applications team at NVIDIA, where she develops new tools to make it easier for companies to bring the latest deep learning research into production. Our attentive readers might remember her as the author of SOTAWHAT. She has recently released lazynlp, a library that allows easy scraping, cleaning, and de-duplicating webpages to create massive monolingual text datasets. Originally from Vietnam, Chip graduated from Stanford University with a BS and MS in Computer Science. More interviews with women scientists Chip, I think that you have many things going on in your life already even at such a young age. You grew up in Vietnam, traveled all over the world for three years, and studied at Stanford in California. Which one do you want to talk about first? I don’t know! I think all of them are in the past. So tell me about your current work. What is it? I’m working with language models mostly. My team is building a toolkit to help companies bring AI research into Chip Huyen 24 Women in Science Computer Vision News Women in Science photo: Timothy Archibald “Physical distance is not that big of a deal!”