Computer Vision News - December 2019

Summary 2 Research Paper Review SinGan by Amnon Geifman Marc Pollefeys Exclusive interview Best of ICCV Guest: Xin Chen and Lingxi Xie, Anurag Ranjan, Kwang Moo Yi and many more... Georgia Gkioxari Women in Computer Vision 04 04 20 28 Dear reader, We proudly present a special edition of Computer Vision News , including our choice for the BEST OF ICCV 2019 . We open with Amnon Geifman reviewing SinGAN , the recent winner of the best paper award at ICCV 2019. Along some of the very best works from the conference in Seoul, you will read our exclusive interviews with general chair Marc Pollefeys (about the Microsoft Hololens, ETH Zürich and more) and with Georgia Gkioxari (about her fascinating work with her highly-praised team at Facebook AI Research). Computer Vision News represents just one of many projects by RSIP Vision in our ambitious quest to share the best AI knowledge with our community. Be part of it! Subscribe to the magazine , share it with colleagues and friends, join our Meetups Editorial Best of